Flash Projector issues for Mac


I play on Kongregate using a mac to try and use flash projector and Ive followed countless methods even the realm eye wiki and nothing seems to work. The farthest Ive gotten is infinite screen that plays music and says loading. Currently on version 10.14, double checked path, id, etc Nothing is working where do I go to contact deca so I can transfer my account


If someone has any idea what to do or has any ideas please suggest



I play on mac. What I do is run windows flash player in wine (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/) and then drag and drop a client in that. Lmk if it works for you!


A client??? hmmm suspicioso


They won’t transfer your account until you’re wizard. I asked them ~10 times and they always answered No Due to “Security Reasons”


I play on Kong, on Mac, without problems. I followed the instructions on the RealmEye wiki and have added some of my own notes to it, as well as working to keep it up to date with new releases.

Infinite screen sating ‘loading’ usually happens when the game is updated as it stalls because the game has changed but your client hasn’t. You need to update your client, i.e. re-download the SWF you are using and update your settings to match it.

Other things to check include making sure the folder you are running the game from is in Flash Projector’s list of trusted locations (though this normally fixes the language file error, and you are not seeing that). More generally check all the information ROTMG needs is in the string you pass to Flash. On Mac you can err on the side of adding too much information, there are no limits on string length as more archaic versions of Windows have.


Still getting Loading error :frowning:


lol fella its called like assemblegameclient


How do you bottle flash on wine? Ive been trying cant seem to get it to work…


download this: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ then you should be able to run windows flash player after opening (no bottling needed it should do it automatically upon opening flash for the first time)


Can you lay out the steps one by one? That would be excellent.


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