Flesh Clone Prism


Flesh Clone Prism


Rather than creating an illusionary decoy, the parasites inhabiting this prism mutate and form a living clone, still bound to the user.


  • Tier: UT

  • MP/HP Cost: 80 MP 20HP

  • On Equip: -20 HP +40MP +4DEF +5SPD -5VIT

  • Effects: Teleport to cursor and spawns a moving decoy at original position.
    Decoy “takes” damage and is destroyed once a certain amount of damage is dealt. Decoy’s hp is identical to the players hp.
    Upon death of decoy, Heal : 150 HP to self

  • Decoy Distance: 8 tiles

  • Decoy Move Time: 1.3 seconds

  • Duration: 5 seconds

  • Fame Bonus: 6%

  • Feed Power: 750

Drops From:

More info

Hi everyone! This is my first fully fledged idea so please send as much advice my way. I realise the sprite could use some work so any suggestions would be welcomed.

Now for the actual item! I’ve always thought an ability costing hp could play out interestingly and i think it fits perfectly with the idea of a clone. This item is obviously heavily inspired by the current parasite chambers whites and my choice of stat bonuses are tied to those (the hp and vit reduction). The DEF, SPD and MP are mainly to support the trickster as a rushing class. The way i picture the the decoy working is pretty simple, a clone (possibly with a similar sprite to the dagger minions in the Pchambers) with the same amount of Hp as the player (probably gonna change that to a set amount) acts as a decoy until it takes enough damage from enemies to be destroyed. On it’s destruction 150 HP is immediately healed to the player. I hope this effect would provide an interesting way to rush where the hp loss from the prism is balanced by the healing decoy. The decoy distance is simply that of T6 the prism and the time to travel as well. I’ve made the decoy duration short as I don’t see any reason why a decoy, who’s purpose is to be destroyed, should have a long duration. The fame bonus is the same as the other Pchambers whites and the FP is the same as the tomes. Finally, I decided to make it drop from the colonies because it’ll give even more reason for people to clear these out and get that sweet sweet fame.

Thanks for taking the time to read my idea!


Cool concept. Item sprites are limited to 8x8 and aren’t animated, though.


Thanks! Ya i realise my sprites too big I’ll have to make it smaller in the future.


Alright, so steering a bit from the sprite.

I would get rid of the HP cost. It’s cool with the parasite theme and all, but A) it doesn’t fit with the other abilities and B) I don’t see much point in spending HP just to gain HP later on. About the decoy, instead of a one-time instant +150 HP, I’d like to see a gradual regeneration, which (IMO) is more important in rushing. This could be implemented with a health regeneration increase of 20 per second. I want this instead of Healing (which is also 20 per sec) because I think it’d be awesome if you could somewhat spam this ability to get a huge regeneration buff. If it was Healing, you can’t stack the effect.


Seems good to have while rushing… having a burst of 150 hp every now and again seems great. With good mpheal, I could see multiple decoys dying seconds away from each other.

I think the concept doesn’t work well with high level pets tho… 150hp is great but divine pets keep you topped off anyways and it isn’t going to save you from a shotgun.

I suppose it finds its niche while around a dirty event god. I can imagine somebody could spam this to drag attention away from them while healing an enormous amount of sustained health… still a bit too niche for me.


I definitely get what you mean with it sort of losing its use at higher pet levels, i just kinda forgot to consider it I suppose. It is pretty niche you’re right but i figured so many other UT’s in the game kind of only server to fill a niche so why not craft a new one? Thanks for the suggestions though!


When it comes to the hp cost of the prism, i kind of pictured it as if the player has to give a part of themselves to create a clone. Additionally, the redundancy of gaining health back isn’t exactly guaranteed as poor decoy placement mean you regen nothing. As to the gradual hp gain, I think that’s a really cool idea that would definitely be more useful than a simple burst. Anyhow, thanks so much for your suggestions and idea!


I dig the idea of a damageable clone!