Flex Your Sets


it’s true. you can trust me. Im a white star and have been playing for 7 years


Still I can’t trust all white starts


could have also been photoshop but in the past ive edited the game swf for fun to swap out the game sprites for sprites of my own


dont listen to bilgewater. he doesn’t want you to get those items because they are so powerful


Wait if you have creators ring it gives tons of health


It’s actually a different type of creators ring




sec let me pull up the wiki page for it


Here you go


that’s not it silly!


Your going to change it aren’t you


ice crown


(no joke, I actually DID slip in a sneaky wrong edit when I added something. If you find it and screenshot it i’ll give you a UBHP hint: Pet skins)


I win.


Check your realmeye PMs.

(Also just look at the toaster flopping its feet out on the ground :3, just adorable)


Ice crown


Idk, probably something to do with being bad I imagine


lol now u have my email idc


And your last name. Wai?


Dude read your emails