Flex Your Sets


too laggy to do lost halls i got this all by sun sets… :c


Oof. Well then the pyra is OK I guess. I like the gold aesthetic.





The perfect set


obviously not testing


i thought it was closed

  1. couldve took a screenshot way back then.
  2. Bluestar
  3. Different name
  4. no pet nani

also all those items are obtainable by testing. He would’ve got LH white to flex if he had enough time to farm up 9 juggs.

I get that it is a joke but im just saying


Don’t switch your omni round ur chars we all know you have one



my beloved warrior and a random pic


So I hear this is where the cool kids come to be homoflexual now



You are correct, although my testing has 2 of each lost hall whites, just didn’t take out a marble sword or breastplate because I’m lazy


XD I have 2 more sets


hue hue hue


Why is your screen like that?
It just physically hurts me too think about playing like that


@GBSlayer Fixed :wrench::white_check_mark:



a lot of problems in this pic