Flex Your Sets


These are probably my best looking sets rn

I’m hunting for a good armor that would fit in this set, any ideas? Dominion doesn’t look good on it, and I’ll never play enough to get a breastplate


I was going to say Breastplate but Idk the command for a strikethrough. Definitely go for a Golden Chainmail to fit the golden theme.



at least i taught someone something

ill see about that


Tbh though you could, I definitely would. I mean a good set that also looks good is likely what you implied. But I ran around with a poison fang dagger on my 7/8 assassin so hey, I won’t judge.


My perfect boy!


I see that paladin set everywhere, but it’s amazing and I want one.


people who uses that paladin set is unorigional and ogmurn’t retrards


*knight set




image Elvencraft Quiver Bearskin Armor Omnipotence Ring


This is nice
I think o3o’


That set is also very functional. Who would have thought


Please for the love of god get a magic heal pet before you max so you don’t waste that resu :joy::sob:


This is the set I most regret dying with


My 3 favorite chars



Not the best set, but pretty attractive I feel.



I don’t know if it’s my best one, but it’s for sure the one I like the most among my chars.

Or maybe this?:


sets unknown




i think it’s mildly aesthetic lol