Flex Your Sets


ikr AND 8 planewalkers


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Flex your UT itenz here.

Flexing intensifies


I win.




image Practically a ut I win


looks like you need a samurai


My recent necro ppe


Old ss but still good


I only see 20 unlocked vault chests. weak flex


the top part of your screen tho…
my computer can normally render frames quickly enough that I don’t notice this sorta effect


I know I wish I had more :sob:


HAHA MINE RUNS AT SOMETHING UNDER 20 FPS :upside_down_face: Consider yourself lucky lol.


I’ll post my Rogue here in a bit.


Im at 14k now for those wondering :slight_smile:

Grind never stops!


@ickabod this fool isn’t carring a plague, sic im rex


Lol. What does “sic im rex” mean?


“sic him rex”
pop culture reference to “siccing” a dog on someone, or telling your dog to attack them.


do you not know how to take a screenshot?


I dont have a good computer so it’s more convient for me to take a picture with my phone and send it to the discord app and realmeye forums site


flexing the same vault every time, smh