Flex Your Sets


40k archer = very sweaty


sadly have never gotten the esben skull or the ST :frowning:


45K archer now.





half upvote and i kill my mule family

also i wiped my acc been 4 weeks, these are the best ones i got yet


have nothing worth flexing




no jugg omegalul
even no sword boy got one



Where is your kendo!!!


Too lazy to log on so here ya go instead.


The sad part is is that your warrior has a worse set than mine

Note(This is an Npe)


Big flex




eh, why not?


How does everyone have midnight star but me


feeling cute, might delete later



But… what does having a good computer have to do with anything? I’m assuming you’re running windows due to your mouse cursor, so you should either have access the the snipping tool on windows 10, or universally have access to the print screen button, or shortcut. From there, it’s a short jump to your OS’s version of paint, and saving it as an image. If your computer can’t handle discord computationally, you can still access a hosted discord client on it’s website. Comparatively, there is also applications such as LightShot, and the ilk to do the same thing, but through user friendly software.


no st katanas bad 0/10


I don’t have 1 :c


feeling salty, might grind later