Flex Your Sets


image the result of alot of ppe’s and a bit more

i know the armor fucks it but meh.


Just got my first Midnight Star and am pretty excited about the new possibilities it opens up for ninja :3


honestly i don’t think bee armor is a bad choice for rogue, i would personally use it over something like a hydra or even a wrym. i like the +5 spd addition, nice for a class that relies on speed a lot


probably the most op sets in the game


i’m taking a long break from rotmg potentially, but still had to log on to flex this monstrosity




bruh get more spirit staves



odd flex but ok




Probably my two best looking sets



My first “real” set complete!


Congrats. I remember putting this thing together for the first time. Its a milestone.


beware the rich level 1.


0/10 not even lvl 1 8/8


accidentally hits delete


welp now my pure decas are in my vault, since i wiped all of my wines (i was collecting wines !)

the real danger will be to go in the realm, think ur a 8/8 and then die to a god.




imagine replying to a post old of 3 years


Eh, I started playing a bit of RotMG once again today. Guess I’ll finally submit somethin’ to this thread, although best I got is shatt items since I am still stubborn and haven’t done like, any Lost Halls. :I

(also gonna flex my dbow chest :3)