Flex Your Sets


but not the wand that shoots wands smh


Soul's GuidancePlague PoisonResurrected Warrior's ArmorAmulet of Dispersion
Bone DaggerHoly WaterChasuble of Holy LightRing of Divine Faith
Staff of Extreme PrejudiceSprite WandCloak of the PlanewalkerSprite Star Pet Skin
Corruption CutterRonin's WakizashiWraith's BrigandineScholar's Seal
Wand of the BulwarkSnakeskin ShieldSnakeskin ArmorSnake Eye Ring
Wand of the FallenOrb of AetherKamishimoWine Cellar Incantation
Wand of GebTome of Holy ProtectionPharaoh's MaskRing of the Sphinx

You can’t make this stuff up


I remeber as a noob when i first got the snakeskin shield i legit thought that was also a snake sword… (didn’t use the wiki and thought that because there’s a shield, there’s gotta be a sword as well)


Unstable AnomalySnakeskin ShieldSnakeskin ArmorSnake Eye Ring


LoD set is possible and thus seems out of place lol




Now this is a flex


wait why does it has 68 likes lol


i gave it 69 likes now hehe


Oh boi I love prismimic

Trivial Issues Thread

wut does that even mean


Prismimic says heeheekee and it is funny




Didn’t mean to flex


bro all those sets are so funny xd


I literally just checked my account and that’s what it was.

I refreshed and it fixed though



Is Omni a high-dps weapon? I haven’t looked into it.


It’s actually pretty bad it’s just a flex