Flex Your Sets


i’ve done it.
the ugliest set known to menkind


I think you need to to swap the ring to an april fools expo or a pagan ring for maximum obnoxiousness


Y’all seen the oryx rogues on r/rotmg? Wew they look cool


Leaf%20Bow Coral%20Venom%20Trap image image
@GzZio uglier


I think the diaper armour could be included in basically most any leathers set to increase the ugliness by 25%.

Not helped by the thought that you can’t shake, that what exactly is that golden/yellow coloured patches, has your character actually soiled itself in there?

My personal lowpoint of what I use is:

Three kinds of blue that don’t really match each other to start with, and then this random armour that doesn’t match anything either. (shudder).

If stalking please ignore the huntress that’s a years old character that I don’t even play.


You called?

T9%20Vinesword T3%20Red%20Iron%20Helm T7%20Mithril%20Armor v243TP4

It’s not usable, though. So I guess you beat me on that.



I’m missing spendor, and i got the jugg 2 days ago :smiley:


Tbh I don’t think you need acclaim and cutlass.



I died with that set b4


I have unintentially have created quite an ugly pally set.


image I need a better bow for my archer


image image

Probably my two best looking sets at the moment


Refill potions plz


No golden quiver? (T5 Quiver)





Cant compete


nah, 3/0 master race