Flex Your Sets


I want to be rex


maybe farm ghost kings instead of udl…


none of us but arc and indes can compete, may they rest in peace
edit: “16 days later” you’re welcome for the bump :wink:
edit 2: o shit i didnt realize my boi love was in there, thanks for the minor pot my guy


last%20tome%20paladin theres clawPaw, here’s Indes! anyone have a picture of arc’s pally?


holy tome pally! (found it! shame it was an alt name, and not arc’s main name) oh what I would give for a tome pally, but alas… thanks kabam database migration



Soulless and deca for HP, because i often do halls, and cult staff & skull for DPS. Useful for QoT farms.


that vit bonus op


I was clearing with my group the 1st shatter switch, when a small but deadly 1 second lag occured. Luckily i lagged through no great enemy like the ice sphere, but i ended with 324 HP. If i weren’t wearing my deca (+190 HP) my soulless (+60 HP) and my new T6 skull reskin (flex +90 HP, a swapout for my cult skull) i’ll be dead.

It’s in total 340 HP. DPS is cool, but HP is better.


Oh god…


What's the best way to flex in rotmg?

Just a few of my flex sets for y’all


and then we find out he just shuffles the items between chars, xd


is that a sans knight? i’ve seen everything


Just to show I have multiple of these (and to flex my pally a little also)


Muledump ss is a little old since I don’t really use it at all, hence the onyx shield which I’ve now replaced with a normal t6 which actually gives the hp and mp


Update from my old post!

My Ninja is now sexy (:


Pfft best set and its tiered. Did I mention they all have gold in the name lol.




Lmao Im weak


Doku? Sexy? You can’t use it like that.


Hehehe that plus the NSFWakizashi


Probably the best item ever that could be added to the game ngl