Flex Your Sets



a c b d

erm got 3 qots today :dagger:



only normies print rotmg screen with discord on the back, im bringing real facts


Im afraid imma have to hit u guys with that classic


No colo sword bAd


gUys i KNow How T O wArRioR


no machine helm to conplete op warrior set uwu


i do have colo swords, 2 of them in fact, i prefer it on my warrior cause warrior is for dps

edit: and also, it looks… just worse with the rest of the set. Too big.




Thought I would show off my shiny new yellow star and my Captain America knight.
That Ogmur was my first event white, and I got it many years ago. I have been scared to death to actually take it out of the vault, but last week I decided that it was better to actually play with it than let it collect dust, and it has been a blast!

Terrifying to think that if I die I may never see an Ogmur or Resu again, but I am loving the gameplay while it lasts. The swapouts are for stunning and for increased speed for those situations that need it, plus a couple alternate swords that I hardly ever use.


I’m jealous of your knight but don’t you think you can vault 2 swords, an armor and get a tiered speed ring?
Not sure what your actual playstyle is like with this set, but I’m always a “better safe than sorry” kinda guy so I play mostly on throwaways I’d never risk this much stuff in dangerous situations.

The trash gear and maxed stats gets the job done and maintains my precious shiny loot.
For example now I’m using a 100% dog shit 4/8 warrior pixie+csword with ghelm, acrop and bloodstone ST to farm white bags for my 8/8s.


you get +21 speed with both heart and amulet on tho


I think that’s why I play warrior


ahhhhh I remember having that exact set on as a red star knight except ubhp instead of deca. So I was soloing ava 1/8 feeling like a god, farming for bracer to get the “shit coloured knight set” as someone put it… For some reason I decided to try and run over ava. You can guess what happened. Get a pixie to go with ogmur btw :]


Yeah, I don’t really run around with all of the swapouts. I just carry the alien weapons and the scutum. If I am going to swap out the armor and ring (which I do, sometimes) I vault the rest of the stuff. It is going to majorly suck when this Knight eventually dies no matter what, but I want to minimize that suck where possible.


I mostly use my good chars to farm realms and pots in the realms and realm dungeons. With how hard it is to get good UTs for me it’d feel like a huge punch in my face to lose multiple of them accidentally, lol.


Only two decent-looking sets.


smh no Wrath’s Brigadine


Trust me – I’d use it if I have it xD