Flex Your Sets


this was a while ago but i havnt been on realmeye for a while and this is a nice set


that’s kinda a suicide


its not… im just an idiot
i got the omni in a chain and was flexing on my brother as i went into the next one a little late
boss was already active

im bad :frowning:


A bit late posting on here, as the archer died, but in my inventory I also had a winter reskin Covert, a golden archer st bow, a Bow of the Morning Star, and a alien Dbow. had a total of 93 attack on this archer, with the trade off of less then 30 def.



I am gal with simple mind. I see Bee huntress set items, I click like.


Ogmur When?


8 years of playing this game 1000’s of herms, no Jugg. Fucking kill me.


no i dont think i will



I lost my jugg late last year, my luck if too awful to get a new one. I’m waiting for the Jack-o’-naut event.


Really love how you named the image as flex.png.


I should make one last crazy client edit

hmmmm… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ninja is pretty neat


I’m wearing the same set as you


I am flexing my dead rogue i died on years ago :slight_smile:




(edit) The bonus spd from the amulet is actually really nice for the necro! I generally also carry a cosmic and an esben skull with me as swapouts.


I have everything in that list except for arbiters and quartz cutter