Flex Your Sets



Not even level 1 8/8 ;3


There isn’t enough necromancer flexing in this thread. Not perfect flex-wise, but eh lol it’s a necro.


You should put the warrior on here.



Don’t worry. I’m not insane. I do not walk around in the realm like this. With the recent acquisition of my first Tablet, though, I thought it would be a good time to put a flex set together.


Um sir u have 2 st spells on that wiz



Reason is this:
:kissing_heart: :muscle:

there isn’t a turned around version of the muscle emoji so I had to make do.


I also have 2 T6 spells on there :kissing_heart::muscle:


Ah u do


So, I got ogmur today! Just need jugg now.


Something is genuinely satisfying about this set.

Also, I don’t think I flexed this one yet, so:


the trick is to always do the million shttrs events


I’ve done so many wlabs for that ring :frowning:


yeah I think I win?

Shame he died… yesterday too…


Oh yeah, just to make your day a bit worse, this was the screenshot at the moment. :grin:

And this is basically how the dungeon ended.

I quit later on because my Priest had (in the words of my guildmates) “negative DPS.”


yes i play with oreo/resu/crown



pepega moment