Flex Your Sets


Time for another set rating poll. Here is a lost halls support pally set:

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More swap-outs might make it a bit more versatile. I know you’re going for more of a support-side build, but even partial characters with a specifically planned role should have something of a variety to be prepared for many situations. I would add something like a Dominion/Acrop at hand just in case something gets ugly, as well as an extra sword for high DEF/range (whatever you want, basically). Might just be my personal preference on having at least two weapon choices at one time.


Its just you dont need more mana when using mseal


Some of my swapouts are gone since I don’t really play Rouge much.
My cute Mystic.
My lil’ Sammy.
Honestly pretty proud of my Archer.
Decent Huntress.


I think ur archer needs tenne and vbow to be perfect


What I’d do for a Tenne…


@DosVapes Tenne maybe, but not VBow. Go Deathless and main Wraith’s Brigandine instead.


I need a better DPS bow, but my luck has been so crap. Three ST quivs, five ST rings, 300 Libs no ST’s.


Took me 300 libs for my first Brigandine as well. Painful as HECK to farm.


Nice, my guildie has like seven Deathless’s and like five Brigandines. RNG’s tough


Aaaand I finally got mercy bane. Love the event.



Why do I see swapout omni on this set…


The fact he can put an omni on warrior is a flex itself.



Nice object shadows ?


I actually don’t know why they’re not showing, I thought it’s because I have “Draw Shadows” turned off but even turning it on it doesn’t appear. Assume it’s because I’m on a low spec macbook it’s just not rendering?


or maybe you use the legit client

or maybe you use the legit client (in a different way)


Not sure why I’m being accused of using a hacked client here I was just trying to make a fun post but here is a video of me starting Exalt and getting to vault here you can see no shadows on my items:

As well as 3 random youtube vids all showing exalt without shadows:

As well as a bunch of other screenshots in this thread. Hackusations arent cool.


I don’t actually think the guys using a hacked client, on exalt sometimes the shadows for vaults will not be there, and there just aren’t any shadows on items.

He could still be using a client, but I don’t think that screenshot of him in his vault is conclusive evidence.