Flex Your Sets


yeah exalt is weird


Oh, i’m sorry oh hackusating you. Actually, i was just curious why shadows weren’t showing, and i thought you were hacking, since you posted a screenshot of your vault 2 months ago with shadows.

The low spec could be the reason there’s no shadows, i have no idea. Anyway, nice daggers i guess !


Just to get this back on topic, here is the Pally from my post a few months ago with some new gear and his actual daily carry set. Still no Mseal.


Not a big fan of omni in general but I have too many of those (not trying to flex) so it’s nice to have as a swapout for rushing. The extra +4 spd & +4 def paired with bplate really comes in handy at times.


And I still can’t get one myself! I’m at about 6/5/5/5/0 from void now >.>


I feel you, I’m at 4-4-6-11-0 :confused: Nearly 1.5k runs, meanwhile I have friends with 600 runs and already 4 Omnis, thanks RNG :slight_smile:


On the matter of void whites, I am at 1.


My dream Warrior setup <3


Need a new ring but otherwise I love this set.


because im too lazy to get on the game rn ill screenshot my realmeye

very proud of this


Its going to be on the death thread tomorrow, isn’t it?


no i dont use that thread




But this is the flex thread…
(Also I suggest getting the st helm when u use Omni).


I got this set after only 2 weeks on my priest


if i did use that thread, that would be accurate.


Love this set, Ogmur would make it pure flex tho lmao


colo on a knight, why


Uh well, I like the dps and it isn’t too terrible to aim. Most of the time when I am stunning things, I am on splendor tho as its hard to stun and use colo, but usually yeah considering I only do voids, cults and casual realm clearing, the range and damage is nice


Can’t wait to see new UT and Tops sets here