Flex Your Sets


Hard to say. It was probably about 60 runs of the second boss for me to get my first one, but I got another one less than 20 runs after that. Definitely not a large enough sample size to estimate your chances!


Alright thanks for the info!


I get one every 15~ trooms


Nice! Thanks for the info!


Something demonic about this set’s aesthetics I love it


You need demon lords skull to be ultimate demon


(Quotes from Leucoryx and Oryx the Exalted God)



I guess it’s something
idk why the bottom of the image isnt loading and requires you to click on it


shows insane account that is better then yours
I guess it’s something


Omg its tnsn from realm of the mad god discord


Too many decas makes it not flexy enough


One of those characters is probably worth more than your account…


Oh for sure


Managed to merch my way to the original Oryx Awesome set! Still need the new set, it will be awesome to have them all someday!

if I ever beat O3, that is…


More flexes coming tmrw, done with realm for today


Nothing crazy but it’s time to try out bard!


A very old knight. No o3 whites yet because that place is very scary



Vital Combat Who?

Edit: This character is now dead how nice