Flex Your Sets


My favorite Samurai build: Spam that Waki boi.


Very pretty set I stumbled on today. Not very functional, but the colors are pretty nice. I need a better staff for it, though.


Frosty’s walking stick would look niceeee with that set


Good call! Had one in my gift chest from probably Christmas 2017 or 2018 and threw it on. Exactly the look I was hoping for.



also, lvling gear ^^^
except for a.s.s. I used sickle but got a.s.s. first castle on that pally


Should be self-explanatory


Just got the quiver, now have all whites from High Tech Terror (staff on wizard)


NGL, FPlate and Ring of Pure Wishes pairs really well for Samurai. That +110 HP/MP boost, mainly for Godland and when HP boost is needed.

Doku reskin fits well too. Fire Flower + Fire Blade…

Masamune ya know, the classic.

Resu and UBMP when I have to spam Waki for damage.

Ryu’s Blade for dealing multiple gods (and handling high Defence targets).

Watarimono for max damage.

Ronin Waki, ZHeart and Amulet for rushing. Giving +25 Speed when worn, 80 Speed on Samurai boi. Good for rushing in WC and around the Realm especially when an event boss appears.


My rogue has a pretty nice kit, max spd build

Max DPS rogue?


Swag levels uncontained


bump, look at this thicc boi


not even 8/8 what a noob🙃


it got to 8/8 and died 1 hour later




I cracked and spent 5800 fame for the Skull of Endless Torment blueprint, so here’s my necro! Honestly pretty proud of it.


my chars


Best wand means best set


bottom 3 kinda weirdchamp