Flex Your Sets


it’s beautiful… omni would make it perfect tho


still haven’t completed a single o3 yet


That’s me right here. Here are my Exalts so far.


Also reached 50k base on my archer




Here are my budget flex sets (to keep this thread alive). keep in mind I’ve done a minimum number of halls and o3’s so they’re not really that flex :frowning:

Only 1 breastplate :cry: Breastplate is my favorite leech armor

Stuck with what I have I guess. Wish I had an actual st set but missing ice cave shield and oryx ring


Screw t7 waki, everyone knows which waki has the longest expose time

Imagine owning a real staff or robe lol (don’t have t7 cause I’m still monke and don’t own st cause it has good fp and isn’t good)


it’s cool, your sets are pretty nice!


tablet with lab coat beats vesture iirc (or at least diplo)


hold both. Trigger vest swap to lab (if you find an opportunity to spam tablet) then swap back. Just try to make the most of vest trigger and lab passive really.


im happy with my huntress :slight_smile:


my set is unobtainable… except by me


What even are those items?



Does this count?

Took me 8 O3’s…


My samurai (currently top 5)

I don’t know why I’m posting this, I guess I’m just doing it because I’m new to this whole forum thingy :slight_smile:


And for anyone wondering here are my exalts.
Imma take a break from this game until momtg probably, was gonna do it when I was exalted but then it just felt like a chore so I stopped.


can I buy the t15 armor? can’t seem to get it at all, also nice “bow” lmao


I wish I can sell that Armor. Bow is pog though.


And here are my Exalts (as 7/20/21):