Flex Your Sets




More like: Bow of the Void, QoS/Autumn King, Centaur Shielding/Levi and Divine Coronation


Still no classes maxed def exalts lol (but most of these have been on my account since well before exaltations came out).


using this


Recent changes I got my first omni and an Omni Bp this week. Also fused a vanity divine for this pet skin. My pally and mystic are looking hot rn


Im such a clown


Horn wtf?


horn is just cuz im down bad for rings and my horn luck is not even funny.

I get a horn every 3 runs and thats not a cap


Died with the cshield set on a back up in a pup but now I have buckler


pog buckler is the second best oryk ability imo
The best being seal by quite far


Well it took almost 5 months of Avatar grinding, but I finally got another Tablet! Thanks Deca :)))


In style for this MotMG!


Tried to make a theme around the Robobow, thought it turned out quite well.

And I thought this blue/purple theme looked really nice on my mystic.

Finally, I also really like these cloths on my assassin, not sure if this is the right thread for it, but… … here it is:


Just that assassin skin gives me nostalgia to the Kabam days when basically everyone used either that skin or the agent skin (or if you were poor like me, the puppet master skin)


i love my mystic, hopefully i dont do something stupid on it like i did with my knight


Completed my dream knight collection! I honestly never thought I would get here when O3 was released, but here I am. The Escutcheon was the last item I needed. GGs!


ye about that, camera reset in mbd accidentally, not a good way to go


wow! That’s gorgeous!
For me, my dream knight set is t14/escutcheon/glad/potato, but I would love to complete that collection! (i only have 8 of those items as of right now though)


Nice set my friend :slight_smile:


Finished Assassin!