Flex Your Sets




More like: Bow of the Void, QoS/Autumn King, Centaur Shielding/Levi and Divine Coronation


Still no classes maxed def exalts lol (but most of these have been on my account since well before exaltations came out).


using this


Recent changes I got my first omni and an Omni Bp this week. Also fused a vanity divine for this pet skin. My pally and mystic are looking hot rn


Im such a clown


Horn wtf?


horn is just cuz im down bad for rings and my horn luck is not even funny.

I get a horn every 3 runs and thats not a cap


Died with the cshield set on a back up in a pup but now I have buckler


pog buckler is the second best oryk ability imo
The best being seal by quite far


Well it took almost 5 months of Avatar grinding, but I finally got another Tablet! Thanks Deca :)))


In style for this MotMG!