Flex Your Sets


love your equipped set, idk about half your inventory though


I mean the only questionable thing I see there is the cult staff which I would replace with EP


A lot of the time for me personally, I’ve found cult staff more useful than EP.

Of course, in o3, EP is inarguably better when you are capable of utilizing it well, but that is the only place I would use an EP over a cult staff. I’ve found niche uses for cult staff, and despite them being extremely situational, it’s the type of situation I would carry it for, just in case. I would only carry an EP mainly for o3s, and even then, I’m not comfortable enough to want to take my o3 skill to that level, I have a long way to go.


i was talking about the assassin, i would switch out the t14 and stinger for avarice and cutter, ava for the range, cdirk for straight shot, cutter for clearing and sitting (with the new shats stinger is very very niche and i would only ever take it out if you were attempting solo void, i honestly think it needs a range and damage buff to be a decent option for clearing and high def), for the poisons murky is outclassed, idk if its range is better than plague though, st poison is idk. For armours a dps one is nice to have and the st rogue armour is also really really fun to have on assassin but i understand not wanting 3 slots to switch around, ring maybe snake eye if you like it.

my perfect assassin would have the 3 daggers, 3 utility poisons, 3 armours, 2 rings maybe gem idk
of course this is my opinion and i love the equiped set if that is what was meant


Ah sorry yea I do agree with the assassin. Imo every dagger class needs cutter as a swapout and I don’t know anything about assassin poisons other than pogmur is very pog and the red one thingy curses.


I personally only do o3 and currently new shatters so I understand that argument however I don’t see where you would use cult staff in any exalt dungeon? If you’re talking about non exalt dungeons then I think cult staff is a bit overkill lol


It’s awesome for rushing glands dungeons. Minions trying to chase you get vaporized. It’s also good for bosses where you can’t sit on them, but the shotguns are predictable so you can be close to them (OT and Para come to mind).


like fury said, for rushing glands dungeons.

I’ve used it a few times in solo halls/fungals. Most commonly for crusades/trains. I’ve only used it very infrequently in organized raids, but I’ve never used an ep in either of those dungeons


ep cultists : )


Oh yea I guess it would be really fun to use in glands dungeons but wouldn’t using the ot/reef set 4 piece/3piece with snake eye for max speed be better? I’ll have to max a mystic/wizzy to see how cult staff performs in glands before it gets melted into another enforcer


I can see that point and it also reminds me of how pred bow is still the best bow with only the first 3 shots if you can’t sit on the enemy. I’ll have to test that too but para and OT seem a bit dangerous for a squishy robe class to get to almost point blank range.


Omg I love to solo cultist with trickster and switch to cc to “pre ep” them.


non-related color sets >:3


doesnt look really cool or whatever just a set ive been trying to finish for awhile


So much HP!


Nice thread, time to flex my Sans Assassin. Pretty much the only flex I got in this game.


omg omg real awk?


What are those things in slots 6 and 7?


luna! huge fan <3 now post ur sets


Pet eggs, some of the exceptional ones that used to drop from particular bosses (used to as the skin drops directly, except for one):


The purple one could be a number of things. The black one isn’t listed but is perhaps a more recent addition.