Flex Your Sets


Ohhh I see, I forgot those existed


Slot 6 one is a Bat Egg, Slot 7 is a Karate Penguin Red Egg.


putting me on the spot D:


oh actually i might have a set i can post



i unironically love that exact set for o3s


image rings other than deca do not exist


Poggers moment?!


same! not minding the para hp. I couldn’t find an exa one T~T


normally i use a radiant heart tbh, because i almost always have one and its pretty good
(also it meets reqs in the server I run in while para hp doesn’t)


fungal rl right? or at least i’ve seen you around in fungals when i actually felt like running them X)




you dont have to spare my feelings ;w;



hi hi! big fan <3


ahh yeah, it rings a bell now.

Unfortunately I don’t have too much hearts because I happen to be allergic to fungals for whatever reason and not even because i dislike it. I just often find myself being too lazy to do them X)




image image

One day I’ll get a Superior


That’s a lot of swapouts…


I’m assuming you don’t play with all of those, but if you did and you got a good white… what would you leave behind?
I guess the ep is disposable


Finally got Rage Claws, so Ninja is complete :slight_smile:


did you know vblade is op? i clear realms from 50 in like 15 mins with it.