Flux Paladin ST Set


Here’s a paladin ST set.

Set bonus
2 pieces: +80 MP
3 pieces: +120 MP, +4 DEF
Full set: +120 MP, +4 DEF, +10 DEX

Charged Shortsword


A mechanical blade powered by flux. Its core glows with power.


  • Tier: ST
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 40 - 400
  • Range: 3.5
  • Effect: Damaging an enemy with this weapon increases your DEX by 1 for 4 seconds, up to 15 bonus DEX. Duration is refreshed with each attack.
  • Stat Bonus: +2 WIS
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:


Capacitor Seal


A powerful capacitor overflowing with flux, ready to be channeled by its user.


  • Tier: ST

  • MP Cost: 80

  • Duration: image seconds

  • Range (both effects): 4.5 tiles

  • Party Effect: Healing, Berserk to allies.

  • Effect: Deal damage to all enemies in a radius.

  • Damage: image damage

  • Stat Bonus: +2 DEX

  • Fame Bonus: 6%

  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:


Fluxed Platemail


A statically charged platemail.


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonus: +3 DEX, +3 WIS, +21 DEF
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:


Power Gauntlet


It’s so bad!


  • Tier: ST
  • Stat Bonus: +120 HP, +2 WIS
  • Effect: Gain 1 bonus DEX per 10% of current health, up to 10 DEX while at 100% health.
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:


Updates: Changed stats, altered the sprites a bit. Seal now also scales off the user’s dex :open_mouth:


sword’s pretty cool; might be quite strong, but i feel like range makes it ok.

seal makes the whole set quite balanced because it doesn’t give damaging, so this doesn’t replace paladin role; the slowing to enemies might be kinda much. like dude, 85 mana, for like a 7 second slow is fuckin crazy. i think the duration of slow should be half the duration of the party buffs.

armor is a bit strong compared to acrop; lose 1 def for a whole 4 dex and 4 wis? i think it should be more extreme, similar to how mercy’s bane loses a BUNCH of def for a BUNCH of damage, rather than just a small tradeoff; i’d suggest something like 16-18 (can’t decide) DEF, 6 DEX, 6 WIS.

the ring’s quite strong. i mean, assuming you stay above 80%, that’s 120 HP, 8 DEX, and 2 WIS, almost as good as a crown (and this is an ST ring). i still think it’s relatively balanced though, could maybe do with a slight dex reduction and wis increase.

set bonus also needs to be divided into 3 parts (2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece). i think the set bonus right now is actually kinda weak, and could do with like a slight def bonus and maybe slight hp increase. my suggestion would be:
2 piece - 80 MP
3 piece - 40 MP, 4 DEF
full set - 10 DEX

overall, conceptually very cool; if it were implemented i can imagine it with cool particle effects and a very ballsy pally set (that gives hella damage).


Sword is boring. The damage range is interesting and so is the dex increase. However, nothing really special. The seal feels like a better t6. Sure it replaces damaging for beserk but it offers more time then normal seals for less mp cost. Plus, it also gives slowed. Armor is boring but may be a bit strong, offering 4 dex for 1 def when compared to accrop. Power guantlet is interesting. My favorite part of the set.


Omg a flex paladin set


sprites look sick


Updated some stuff with the set. Altered stats based on feedback and etc.


I like the theme of it being a super-turbo-charged paladin pummelling his enemies faster and faster, and the sprites match to fit (awesome work). I love how the sword and ring create an interesting dynamic where you’re trying to juggle both dex boosts at once by staying within range of an enemy, and trying not to get hit.

I feel as if slow on the seal doesn’t really fit that theme though, and since its so long, the extra mana the set piece provides doesn’t really make sense. Maybe it could be a short paralyze/daze, which is more in line with the theme.

Alternatively, lessen the slow time and give the seal some kind of on use ‘shock’ damage like a thunderbolt scepter shot or a static field burst around the pally. This would fit with the playstyle, making it easier for the pally to get loads of shots in as long as he has mana. atm more mana doesn’t really extend the slow length, whereas with another shorter effect mana would mean consistent application, or more damage.


Thank you for the feedback! I hope what changes I made to the set made it better.


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