For those who like to keep up with me and my rebuilding progress here's the one week later video!


I hope you all enjoy, ask any questions in the comments of the video.


The facts I don’t like:

  • Your voice could make me slept without realizing, you should be more bustling
  • Don’t play a song even in the low volume, it radically interferes your talking. You can always play a music instead

Anyhow, someone so focused on your items would watch it though.


you honestly sound like a typical stoner from a tv show.

having music is fine, but not this god awful one. Its not that i hate the music (i do hate it), but its lyrics are super distracting, you want something that fits the atmosphere and usually shouldnt have lyrics. The beat also distracts you. Shouldn’t be too loud either. Its honestly frustrating watching this video.


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