Forgotten Dungeon Mechanics (example: Sprite World conveyor belts)


I was thinking about this, and I found it pretty odd that a lot of other dungeons besides Sprite World have reused similar mechanics over the course of this game’s history, for example, Wine Cellar requiring you to open it with an incantation and Void having to be opened with a vial (very similar mechanics). Or another example, the tesla coils you have to destroy in Mad Lab being reused in a similar fashion with the lanterns in Mountain Temple. However, Sprite World’s conveyor belts haven’t really been reused in another dungeon as of yet despite how interesting of a mechanic it could be.

I think it would be super interesting to see a high level dungeon that utilizes conveyor belts causing the players to dodge while also moving involuntarily. I can just imagine a boss room where the entire room is surrounded by conveyor belts with the boss in the middle of the room and so your character will constantly slide around in circles around the room throughout the fight.

But yeah, the more important point of this thread is… what kind of mechanics have gone long-forgotten in some of your favorite dungeons that you think would be really interesting in newer dungeons? I personally think that the game has a lot of cool mechanics in some of the older, easier dungeons that could be reused for harder, new content. What do you think?


The Sprite World conveyor belts serve as a bit more of a nuisance at times, but from what I heard, it’s possible to change the speed at which you get pushed…so I reckon there’s probably some cool things you could do with it.

As for other things, the Treasure Cave’s use of obstacle enemies - like the moving spike poles, the boulder, the fire floor - is pretty cool…but the dungeon itself is…really meh.


The shatters switch system with the wall is also a very old concept, and, although similar to others, it is something that isn’t just an option, but actually a necisity to complete the dunegeon


Yeah, the traps are cool, but completely ineffective for even mid-level players. It would be cool if a dungeon existed with that concept, but deadlier. I mean, the mad lab kind of did that with the star rooms, but… hmm.


There could be an epic Mad Lab that uses conveyor belts. Just throwing some thoughts lol


Myself and another member of UGC actually played around with push tiles on testing. We figured out how to get diagonally pushing tiles.


I assume that would be done by giving the tile both a vertical and horizontal value to the speed at which the conveyor moves you?


the sprite world conveyor tiles are actually somewhat buggy. I had originally intended for feargus to feature a phase where the entire room was filled with moving tiles pushing the players backwards, while rendering a stationary tile on top of the conveyors which would give the illusion of feargus blowing the players backwards, tying into the theme I was supposed to be working with (feargus is the air dragon, not the dark dragon).

problem is, filling the entire room with conveyors would guarantee that the player would be disconnected after a few seconds of walking around, with or without stationary overlays to hide them. apparently something about prolonged exposure to the conveyor tiles trips some anti-cheat code in the background and boots you from the game. I imagine the sprite world avoids this issue because the conveyors are much much smaller, and there are several of them pointing in different directions. this probably resets whatever bugginess with the tiles in the background by giving you frequent breaks with unmoving tiles and by switching the direction a lot, or perhaps it’s the moving sideways across several parallel conveyors that’s the problem. I don’t know, no one ever gave me further information or an ETA on a fix, so the idea was scrapped (head-slamming noises on table may have followed).

that’s why nothing’s really been done with sprite world conveyors, they can’t actually be used for anything much more ambitious than what’s already in the sprite world. sorry.


That explains a lot. I wish I could see what was causing that bug in the coding itself /:


Considering flash hacked clients can entirely bypass the moving tiles, I’d say that’s a possible reason why a dungeon centred on that mechanic would be scrapped or put in the shelf. Maybe someday, when we move to unity.

edit: just read xak’s post rip


i kinda like the barrel mechanic in parasite. could be fun to play around with