"Forgotten" is a filtered phrase


Man cmon this is almost as bad as when saying “realm” shadow muted you for 30 mins.


Also, all the bots get around the spam filters by appending a random number to their messages. It wouldn’t be that costly to implement a substring search, and ban people who send permutations of the messages. Or, better, not allow them to be sent out, as the offending accounts are replaced constantly—I block every one I see and am no closer to escaping them. They all do the same things—subbing ‘/\’ for ‘A’, replacing punctuation with spaces. If Deca had a single person play the game from a player perspective they could solve the spam problem in five minutes. They’d get a spam message the second they logged on, after all. Stuff like making players unable to message people in other servers does nothing but make it more inconvenient for actual players. Every server has bots that message you every few minutes. Also, no realm is without bots scanning from, which don’t help the adaptive hp scaling if there are like five people there. But that’s a way less visible problem. Any driven developer could solve the spambot problem by implementing a table of ACTUAL spam messages, (not just keywords,) a substring search (it’s (re)written in c++, right? std::str::substr), and logging in like once a week to see any attempts to get around the filter and adjusting accordingly. Or, even better, cutting out the last step and just adding a report feature. I can’t imagine how galling it is to new players to be bombarded with RWT messages. It’s almost worse than under Kabam. At least they didn’t dm you like clockwork.


Real DECA Games moment. All I can say is to complain to them about this and hope that they listen. If the community pressures them enough about it, they might actually do something.


Why do you think the king is forgotten? Nobody could ever talk about him.


Not even the devs remember him…


That’s funny. Please do look at what I wrote about fixing the bots, though. I think you could filter out spaces and punctuation before comparison, accounting for substitutions like ‘/ \’ for ‘A’, and do it by substring to account for random numbers appended to the end of a message to get around the spam filters. (It’s annoying that it’s so much more computationally expensive to parse a substring than to concatenate the random numbers, but that’s life.) I’d be happy to write the code for it, if you want to message me.


Toastrz no longer works for DECA, iirc


As Orator said, I don’t work for Deca anymore, so I’m not the best guy to ask about this.

But in my unsolicited opinion, yes, the game could do a hell of a lot better with spam filtering if it were ever given attention.


I mean this as respectfully as possible, Deca seems to have no idea what they’re doing. I don’t know what they are doing, what their developers have been told or what their plans are, but they always take years for the simplest things like coding a simple phrase filter with letter substitutions. Or literally just removing the broken filter while they work on another.

They took what, 5 years to implement item IDs and restore Ut trading? - something that was possible way earlier.

It’s like they literally don’t have the programming knowledge, don’t have any awareness of what players want / what is good for the game, or are pretending to not hear complaints. That, or their work environment/rules are so terrible the devs are incapable of fixing anything in a reasonable timespan. No idea really, that’s just speculation, but something definitely isn’t right with this company.


I remember some guy who used to work there saying that it was all college interns working part-time (20 hours a week) and getting paid almost nothing. Would explain a fair bit.


forgor :skull:


Items IDs? Do you mean unique item IDs to prevent duping? or just plain item IDs correlating to items?

If there really are unique item IDs then they don’t work to prevent duping, I’ve pulled items out of my vault only to go back later and discover they’re still there (and on the character that pulled it out still)

I really can’t imagine you’re talking about normal item IDs so i’m curious.


Which ex employee? No one has any idea of who they are and what the devs are doing. Or even how many Devs work in rotmg at the moment? Certainly feels like very little people.

Yes brother, I’m talking unique item IDs, UUIDs. Apparently DECA managed to implement UUIDs, which was a miracle and I thought they wouldn’t ever work on or talk about unsoulbinding UTs, but they did it… poorly, so it doesn’t really work? It’s awesome that they cared enough to let us trade UTs and prevent duping, but the execution wasn’t that great it seems.

Apparently items will still glitch even with the UUIDs and dupe themselves or disappear sometimes, I’ve seen several Reddit posts about vault item bugs.