Forum 101: an introduction to the RealmEye Forum


You may have noticed these forums are very different than what you may be used to. We think you’ll get used to it fast, and may even wish other forums were as great as this one. :smile_cat:

Here are some tips to help you get started:

The menu a the top of the forum is full of useful features to help you get around.

  • Categories are distinct forums where users can post. Subcategories are simply groupings to help organize posts within a category (like a tag or keyword). When viewing a root category all posts in subcategories will also be listed. You can use filters to display only one subcategory at a time or no subcategories while reading.

  • Latest displays recent posts and replies from all categories and subcategories. This helps to show where the most recent activity is happening and can help users to discover new areas of interest.

  • New contains all newly posted topics since your last visit. You can change how topics are marked as New in your preferences.

  • Unread shows all threads with posts you haven’t seen since your last visit. You can quickly clear out the Unread list by clicking the “Dismiss…” button at the bottom right of the page.

  • Top is a list of the most popular topics across the entire forum. By default it shows you the top topics since you last visited, but you can pick any date range you want. It’s a great way to get caught up if you’ve been away for a while.

Check out the icons at the top right of the page.

will take you back to the RealmEye homepage. Use the RealmEye Forum logo at the top left to return to the forum front page.

opens the search dialog. Searching on these forums works well. Learn it. Use it. Love it.

is sometimes called the “hamburger” menu. Clicking here will show you a list of all categories and subcategories so you can get around quickly. It also has links to the Latest, New, Unread, and Top lists.

The last icon on the right is your user icon. Click that to see all your notifications and to reach your preferences and bookmarks.

This forum is also packed with all kinds of features. Here are some of the ones you’ll want to learn about first.

  • Trust Levels: as a new user you have very limited ability to interact with the forum. As you continue to read and interact, you will earn higher trust which unlocks additional abilities and even areas of the forum. Please note: trust is not granted based on post count so much as quality interaction. Just contribute in meaningful ways and your trust level will be bumped up.

  • Flags: Flagging is an in-built moderation measure in Discourse, intended to dissuade bad behavior and spam, as well as to promote civilized discourse. If you want to raise an issue about a post without derailing the topic at hand, the best course of action is usually to flag it. However, frivolous or inappropriate flagging will result in losing your own trust level.

  • @Mentions: Users can mention other users by name by using @Name (e.g. @Doc). This will appear as a notification for that user in the UI so that the user will be alerted when next they log in.

Some features have purposefully not been added to the RealmEye forum as they are already available in RealmEye itself. Please use RealmEye for Private Messaging and Trading.

Welcome to the RealmEye Forums

Also, moderators can highlight their posts like this. We’ll probably limit doing this to only when we need to exercise our powers. If you see yellow make sure you read the post.