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This topic will contain an ongoing list of changes to the RealmEye forum.

RealmEye Forum one month anniversary update - what next?
Can we have an update log for the forum?
Some questions about this forum
Some questions about this forum






Just noticed this right now: the “home” icon in the upper-right corner that previously directed people to the RealmEye front page has been replaced with an “up-arrow” icon:

Click it, and that opens the RealmEye menu across the top of the screen:

Very snazzy!


Edit: Looks like this slight tweak to reply “voice bubbles” was added yesterday as well.



Mobile Glitch: Title and search bar 'hidden' when device in vertical/portrait mode


Not a biggie but a change nonetheless. Absolutely critical, super important change.

  • Minor layout fix to the category view after removing the “Latest” sidebar.
    Before > After

FTFY. -Doc



  • Opened the Developers Corner category. Only Deca Games can post new topics here, but everyone can reply. Welcome to the forums, Deca!



  • Added forum theme option to user preferences with Default and Dark themes.

###How to change themes:

  • Access your user preferences by clicking your profile picture in the top right and clicking the gear icon:

  • Select your theme beneath “About me”:

  • Save your changes

  • Reload the tab

Please report any theme bugs to @BMJ in Forum Feedback.

Would a dark theme be possible?
Dimming button?


  • Fixed another occurrence of this MAJOR CRITICAL layout bug.
  • Also for those who aren’t aware yet @moderators is enabled to notify all moderators if you need help. Please use this only when necessary (we get grouchy and anti-social).



  • Added a RealmEye message notification for both Player and Guild messages.





Forum software upgraded to 1.9.0.beta4

[Not much else to say here, as I'm afraid I don't know what changed. Sorry! OB]

Interactive forum tutorials available through @discobot

To use, make a forum post (or send @discobot a forum PM) with any of the following commands on a line by itself:
  • @discobot display help
  • @discobot start new user
  • @discobot start advanced user



After a bunch of feedback and discussion, the answer was clear. We’ve added a new sub-category for incomplete ideas: #ideas:wip

We’ll begin to move incomplete ideas already posted elsewhere in #ideas over the coming days as our time allows.



Added #community-hub:xml, a new category for folks to share their knowledge and ask questions about the Offical RotMG XML recently published by Deca.



Added #ideas:cosmetics, a new category in Ideas for reskins, cloths, etc. Thanks to everyone who voted.



Base forum software updated. If you encounter any problems please share them in the #feedback category. Thanks!