Forum Event Prize Question


This is more related to the forum than the game itself which is why I’m asking here instead, but what kind of prize would make the general userbase more willing to participate in a forum-hosted player event? Easiest answer would probably be any high amount of Rings of Decades, but I only have one at the moment and I wasted my last one on a Samurai. “If you do this challenge you get spare hand-me-downs from my vault!” isn’t exactly an appealing post title, so I want to gauge how much I should invest into this competition I have in mind. It’s an event idea I’ve been sitting on for a while and have been excited for, but I never felt ready to post it because I didn’t (and still don’t) feel that I have the in-game wealth to spare.


Realm Gold is probably the only universal reward, i.e. the only that might interest a majority of players. The problem with items is different people have different needs, which varies with with time for each person. If you have all maxed chars you don’t want pots. If you have good STs or UTs you don’t need tiered, even Ring of Decades. Vault space is a major constraint for storing anything you don’t need. And finally many players just like to find gear themselves.

You could approach DECA to see if they’d sponsor it, but it would have to be a pretty special event for them to be interested. They’re more likely to limit such rewards to their own events, and to include rewards that only they can provide such as unique titles + skins.


I’m not going full Sebchoof Realm Gold giveaway, in fact I’m f2p so I literally have no Realm Gold. Also, my idea is a modified version of an event that’s taken place on the forum before. However, with what you’ve said, I might actually have to consider my assorted prize pool if I want to ensure that enough people participate. If I offer at least some of everything, then I’ve gotta at least catch some players’ attention.


They’re nowhere near as highly traded as the Ring of Decades, but there seem to be a lot of interest in Candy-Coated Armors, based on my brief look through the trading offers page on Realmeye. I assume this is due to the fp the item has. This might help make your trading pool a little more varied and applicable to more players.