[Forum Game] Keep the Cookie (merged)


Sugini omae wa, “Omae wa mou shindeiru.” toyu!

watashi no :cookie:

I’m bad lmao


Unfortunately, your extreme weeb powers are so strong that I cannot get the :cookie:. :cry:


I claim victory on this field of batte. @Moderators please close.

This is a joke lmao


No, I think not.

[I steal the :cookie: on my way out of this thread. OB]


I drag crusaders on OB as he takes the cookie out of the thread, and while he is occupied I steal the :cookie:. My :cookie:


As you leave the thread, I cackle.

“It seems you have fallen for my deception!”

You turn around, surprised, and look down at your hand, to see what you thought was the cookie fade away.

I hold the real :cookie: over my head.

“There was no cookie in @TROLLDLLR’s last post that you could steal from it OtherBill!”



no, lol

The cookie is actually in my hand

my :cookie:


I chop off your hand and take it and the cookie to my bunker.
my :cookie:


I blow up the :cookie:

No more cookie


I recreate the cookie along with my hand. My :cookie:


i steal cookie and eat it, then vaporizing myself to a carbon level. My cookie. My :cookie:


I start posting more on a different forum game, and get a cookie badge.
My :cookie:


Well, OtherBill likes me more, and gives it to me.


you didn’t claim the cookie, so i keep it through a brief legal battle.

my :cookie:


I hired an even better lawyer this time, and took the cookie and your regular badge. My :cookie:


:open_mouth: my regular badge!?

I re-earn regular for the third time and you get kicked out for not doing the proper sacrifice, but the cookie stays with the regulars and i claim it

my :cookie:


Well, I become the owner of realmeye after suing MrEyeball, and take the cookie once and for all. Ban your IP from the internet. Also, your IP is 172635.2846452. My :cookie:


Sorry, you stalked the wrong person. Your cookie is a fake.

my :cookie:


GASP! Well I found out that your IP address is 4, and now have banned you and stolen your cookie. My :cookie:


I say shut up and threaten to WC this because its becoming actual spam between two people. My :cookie: