[Forum Game] Keep the Cookie (merged)


When I was on the Kabam forums, I loved this thread. Here are the rules (relatively simple).

1 player starts with the cookie. The next player will make an interesting post about how they will “take” the cookie from the player above. (End each post with ‘my cookie’)


Player 1: I make the cookie. My cookie.

Player 2: I trade you a life pot for the cookie. My cookie

Player 3: I sneak into your room and take the cookie. My cookie.

Player 2: The cookie you stole wasn’t the real cookie. My cookie.

EDIT: We have cookie emojis! Use :cookie : (no space) to create :cookie:

HGEdit: merged in CandyShi’s thread and changed the title.

RIP my cookie
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[Forum Game] Keep the cookie

Here we see the very first shitpost of these forums come to life.

I bought the cookie. My cookie.


If they all stay in the Off-Topic community, I’m fine with that.

I get on @Dylzo’s laptop and delete all his cookies. My cookie.


@Otherbill doesn’t actually have the cookie, he just deleted Dylzo’s cookies.

I materialize a new cookie out of thin air. My cookie.


your cookie was fake, i have the real one.
My cookie


Plot twist the Cookie had one HP and touching teleported it to the afterlife, where it jumped into my hand.

My Cookie.


I delete the cookies and create a new one.

My cookie.


BMJ hasn’t had his lunch, I can’t believe he ate the cookie. It’s ok though I baked a new one. My cookie.


You didn’t bake the cookie. I took it from BMJ’s cleared browser history. My cookie.


ElliottK clearly gained some weight lately. I trade the cookie for a carrot. My cookie


Cricton stole the carrot from Leon and Leon is my friend so he gave me the cookie.


I simply take the cookie from you when you aren’t looking. My cookie. :cookie:


FCatarina goes to jail for stealing, I steal the cookie. My cookie.


Too late, My army of undead soldiers swarm you with Engle Sentrys and destroy your weapons. My cookie.


Sorry, my Necromancer takes control of your undead soldiers, and I employ them on a 1 def/month salary, which gives them more incentive to work more efficiently, allowing them to not only steal the cookie, but all of your items as well.

My cookie.


Poopythell’s undead soldiers break me out of jail, and surprise! They’re double agents. They give me the cookie and all of your items. My cookie. :cookie:


I’m disguised as one of those undead soldiers and actually gave @FCatarina a fake cookie! I run away and eat my cookie :cookie:


I stole your cookies (from your browser OFC) and now they are all. My cookie.

Also i can login to your facebook now.


The only facebook I own is a meme page. Congrats? I collaborate with SoFloAntonio and we take the cookie back through an elaborate prank.


So you steal :cookie: if you coloboarate with SoFloIdiot