[Forum Game] Paste whatever's on your clipboard!


huh oh yeah forgot I had this





[exposure of @InfamousX ] didnt remember this was on my cliboard




someone with a 3 letter name that starts with L ends with d and has a cat pfp



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damn lol


“I have never read a poem extolling the virtues of pain, nor seen a statue erected in its honor, nor heard a hymn dedicated to it.”


Every year’s end at the end of December,
Right after the turkeys of November,
The Realm is filled with hope,

[preparation for the carol discord event]





isn’t the url for the client https://www.realmofthemadgod.com/client?


Well, that’s what was on my clipboard.


Finally, a worthy opponent… Are battle will be legendary!



color palette


Image result for white guy ugly

Wow this is totally me
Don’t look it up on google




I discovered something


/replace #region air

iirc i was clearing a ton of land in mc


[quote=“GammaGamer, post:937, topic:26630”]
*holding a gun* tell me the name of god you piece of shit

I de-quoted it so I don’t tag Gamma again >3<