[Forum game] Write a word from the last letter above you!




Killing anything that isn’t a sheep


Pondering whether I should add a sheep to my profile pic too (I won’t)






Donating lungs to a sheep


pita bread, onions, tomato, tzatziki sauce, and lamb


Baking bread is okay but do not touch the sheeps






I will make you all have sheep profile pictures >->


SeanXS, I demand to thee that thou stopest all forms of aggression!


Nah, the sheep will one day rule the WORLD!!


Domination, eh? You shall never hold dominion over this world, and yet you still try…


You are the most evil form of evil…? I have 12 dominions that the Marble Colossus gifted to me and I will use them to over run the world with the quadrupedal, ruminant mammals known as sheep…


Perhaps I will ally with you… what good dominion doesn’t need dragons?


Sure! As long as those dragons remain subservient to the sheep you can be my right hand :slight_smile:


Dope. But can I be your left hand? I’m left handed.
I’ll be the air force in our new nation of SeanDragon"
Or maybe “AKLXS”


Sure left hand is great! AklXS sounds awesome. There are 8 people who have named themselves after me. WillXS FreyXS ZachXS PinkXS and more…

I was the original XS, can’t wait for you to join us!


Sweet. Now we need a ground force so the sheep don’t need to debase themselves by fighting.