Forum Giveaway PART 2! (ENDED)


Items: 1 Deca (3 Winners!)
How to Enter: Show your most most tragic death! (can be a screenshot off of realmeye) and your ign

How winners will be chosen:
Most entertaining tragic death gets 1 DECA!
From the remaining, two people will be chosen randomly for 1 DECA each!

1 Entry per player. If you find a better death, just modify your initial response!


IGN: Mathician

Story: So I was having fun using my Crystal Shield in Dammah. Then, during the final phase, “DISINTEGRATE BEFORE ME!”. I tried to cshield and push in on the boss for damage. I ran in, the icon for invulnerability appeared, and I didn’t seem to take any damage. However, after one second, I died to a portal that I apparently got instapopped by. I realized after that the server didn’t update from client side that I had cshielded, so the game believed I had taken damage.

tldr; server ping moment


bought full treasure archer, died to a random blue fire.
bought it again the next day. died to my first abby as a 1/6



was playing realm at 3 am and sat on an alien boss,

IGN: Rotatedo


I will never get tired of this. I did not get quieted or anything, i simply forgot to press spacebar.
(ign: Urgle)


my precious assassin and the only dirk of cronus i’ve ever had :sneezing_face:


forgor space bar gang


This knight lived through so much more than he should’ve, genuinely should’ve died about 100k base ago, the biggest hurt from this was flowing clarity, took 80 mwoods to get it and now im well over 200 since without another


@TriforceJ for most tragic death (more entertaining for me then tragic but eh good enough)
@Mathician @Fincy Are the random winners!

PM me in game for the rewards!




There was a cube god right next to an avatar, and I got a cdirk. While trying to get it i died - i cri :frowning:


ogmur on ppe died 5/8. or do y’all think a lvl 3 tablet death in old ddocks is worse?


Look in the middle of the page at the Ninja. Died to an Enraged Bunny! XD


I let my friend play on my account, he would only do midland enemies so it was safe.

he decided to go inside a puppet and die because he’s dense.