Forum Halloween





Same like last year


Since this forum is going to be very spooky, I thought I’d change my pfp to a nice horsey to improve the mood a bit.


XSpookybroX the Spoopmancer is back for round 2 I guess


New pfp for me too


this might be my first forum halloween, but i plan to make it a good one…

credits to @EpicNecros so I don’t get copyright striked


mine is very spooky


grunting noises


Here’s my profile picture for the month :skull_and_crossbones:



Not terribly spooky, but too cute to pass up. o7



here come duck the ripper

mfw gaod steals ur shit yet again goddamnit gaod




Im not known as CPirate anymore, hence why this arts kinda old. But hey, why not, ill get use out of it


Smh fine lemme change a couple things


I need to get a new pfp, I’ll be horroruskane for the month.


keeping with my traditions of making a painting of a battle spooky


YAY HE’S BACK :heart:


the return


Even though its the one I’ve been using for the last month, I guess its still kinda Halloween related.
Not my art, all credit, applause, and halloween candy is to be sent to @Squeakwee.

image image Spectral%20Cloth%20Armor image image


aaaaaaa comrade friend is back