Forum Halloween




Spookiest picture you’ve had so far :astonished:


Time to get rid of santachu and get some fire eyes I guess






aaah !!! i got ##spoked## !


I don’t think I’ll be participating for the Halloween or Christmas stuff this year sadly, the forums got dried out for me a while ago, and I can’t find any consistent interest in it no matter how hard I look, so I’ll just remain a lurker with my one or two posts ever other day.

Cheers to all the cool lads around here though, hope you’re still enjoying yourselves.


cmon, you gotta stay.
We’ll be lonely together.


I’m fine with being lonely, in fact I’m quite used to it. But I want to be entertained, I wanna have interest, but I can’t get that here, therefore I see no reason for me to spend more time than usual here.


If you cannot find the entertainment, become the entertainment.


Being anti-social and self-conscious makes that nigh-impossible, you see.


I check here daily, but I’m in the same boat in regards to actual posting activity. As much as I dislike the structure of Reddit, it’s where most of the community is.

That said, I will become a daily poster here if I can negotiate my way into getting an avatar from Squeakwee.


redirected the question here to lessen confusion




Are the burn marks supposed to represent your previous Realmafia oven deaths, Spooklor?


okay ale- i mean @squeakwee, play “bribe toastrz”


I’ve got the most horrifying avatar of them all:

CGI Tarkin from Rogue One


retching noises

Edit: Beginning work on new avatar, hopefully not as $&*+ as the last one…

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Aiight im inverting colors as well. those eyes look cool now

Edit: in the small pfp, it looks like googly eyes. ill tone the glow down or something tomorrow, right now it’s almost midnight so time to go back to homework for a couple hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: rn im just gonna take away the fire eyes


I’m using this for the coming few hours til I get home and I can make it spooookier…or, something.
It’s some sort of gal I started drawing whom I simply named “glitch bab”, cause of all the squares and missing parts of her body.
I have one that’s spookier which I’ll probably try and edit to a new pfp :3


I’ve been wondering for a long time: why do you think it’s appropriate to have drawings of naked girls as your pfp on this forum?