Forum Halloween


would look better if legs and tail were green but it looks dope anyway


Time to get my MS :tm: paint skills out


the comment you replied to is 2 years old and the user who made it hasn’t been on for 6 weeks


oh lol


Never forget, Merasmus is canon in the Realm Universe


Halloween avatars, eh?


Avatar of the Forgotten PumpKing.


When u realize u dont have an avatar to spookify.


smh not even shaded


No avatar? hmmm…


Is this foreshadowing

Also @Craftable tmw the TF team accidentally released Scream Fortress already??? Like, no announcement, no actual update notes. What’s up w that, lmao


MOTD was updated, they released Scream Fortress while they work on this year’s activities.
Now if only DECA would do the same, I could get spooky season started sooner


Oh god why


fuck it
you’re old news blue man

the future is nyaa
I’m spoopy witch now

Spook, a Sorcerer skin by Xaklor

This is now also my new spooki Halloween pic!





Bork. Lots of creativity


Super excited for the up coming Halloween events for realm :3


Misato Kurihara in a witch hat owo
happy early Halloween btw


It’s never too early or late. In due time we all become victim to the Witching Hour.