Forum Halloween


While I am normally Ichigo in his Getsuga form (from Bleach anime), I will become Rukia in her halloween form to keep the Bleach spirits alive :grin:


Time to bring back the better pfp


So October is already half over but we can still do this again




I can’t use my halloween pfp for some reason and I’m too lazy to convert it


Technically it’s not yet Halloween in Realm, but whatever. I made myself exalted shiny:


help how to halloweenise



From a bomb to a fiery blue pumpkin!


DECA finally has a valid excuse to be late on the spooky season this year

Nonetheless, let’s keep it spooky, even in the times of reconstruction.


make the eyes red, add some blood stains round the edges… give it a shadow so it looks darker the further from the middle you go…


Halloween means it is time to temporarily swap to Hubert


I’m bad at spriting so I literally just inverted the colors lol


I’m good at spriting so I literally just inverted the colors lol



do I simply recycle my old witch avatar from last year, do I make a new up-to-date one with my current skill levels, or do I do something else entirely?


Do a skeleton version of your current avatar


Creepypasta Xaklor?


I am become spooky


turns out the witch from last year looks better than I remember so I’m just going reuse it this year

I did however make one crucial little change. it might be a bit on the subtle side but I think it’s worth it


the lesbian flag?