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hmmm some nice sprites. I think I’ll stick with mine for now but ty for the great sprites!


PPL Pls :clown_face: make this scarry


CSpiderMonkey lore:

Planet Vonda
Interstellar neighbourhood

CPirateMonkey was on a quest. For the sword of hallowed life.

Legend has it that it sits well inside a shrouded forest, embedded in darkness, with not a spectacle of light to shed on its beauty. With properties so unbound, the sword remains a collectors dream, as it demands a high price.

You can take 1 quick guess on who had to fetch it…

Upon landing. It was clear he wasn’t alone either. The gust around the blackened trees evoked beady eyes of all assortments of colours.

Out from the fog came a small dwarf like tribe, with sinister masks, wielding small weapons of different shapes and sizes.

It wasn’t a place you wanted to stick around. Especially when they start to ready up their weapons.

Never the less, CPirateMonkey in quick matters pulled up his wingsuit, and shot his grappling hook well into the treeline, and soared through the forest in a fleeting speed.

In a sigh of relief to get away, he reached a small Hallow. The trees spiralled around a small rock, void in colour. Even the bright neighbouring moons couldn’t pierce through the thickness of the trees, and it was so cold, the floor was like an ice rink, frosted with bonechilling temperatures.

Out of strange curiosity, a small spider worked its way onto CPM’s boot, then up his jacket and tucked itself onto his hat. It went un-noticed until he looked up. At first glance, CPirateMonkey was in a bit of fright, but it looked rather young, and didn’t appear to make any bearing of threat, except from a strange purple glow it would perform every few seconds.


But soon, eyed snapped to the stone, as it appeared to be growing…

It was like a liquid seeping out from the stone, that slowly grew in size, and became more apparent of its true form - the sword.

Stood in its trembling bitterness.

Its hilt struck a sharp purple, and its blade pitched in an obsidian black - it wreaks of a crooked past.

Brushing up the dead leaves, CPirateMonkey stalks his way up to the sword for a closer look.

His hand swept for the handle, and it held a mighty grip…

So powerful, that it started to hurt, with a pain that strikes like venom.

CPirateMonkey fell to his knee, where then the spider crept from the hat and ran up his swelling arm, to fix itself on top of the sword.

There was a sudden flash of purple from the spider, as the sword shone in response.

CPM then opened his eyes.
Slowly… and it seems to be a bit more than just 2.

His jacket was a punishing violet, and his fur was a gruelling, monstrous purple. His teeth were razor sharp and stuck out like the daggers to his belt. His symbol on his hat altered in some way, and if anything less unusual, he felt a little hungry.

Despite the changes, he seemed just fine, and managed to wield the sword effortless. With that, he headed back to the ship on a delightful stroll, not even tested by anything nearby. It seems at if he was quite fitting to his surroundings now, especially wielding the blade.

Once reaching his ship, he noticed a crew member was still on board the entire time, Holding a warm mug and wrapped around 7 blankets. Her eyes locked at the spider like being that just crawled on the ship.

She stood petrefied, trying to shield herself with a metal table, but after better speculation, it was just CPM, but a lot stranger.

“Please don’t tell me that’s another one of your curses” she stuttered.

There wasn’t a reply.

CPM knew he had to get rid of this hallowed form.

He ran over to a control panel and searched up a starsystem with a cure - Of all places, Earth held a ritual type of cure, but only in October, for some reason…

Thoughts aside, he immediately set a course, for Earth.

Ive put the effort into this one this year! I swear!


I didn’t know spooky boi had a face


Thoroughly spooked.


thanks @candyshi
the new and improved laserquest




its the new and improved halloween version


That thing is already 10/10 creepy though :persevere:
Please don’t make it scary too


B O O O! It’s me Scaremix!:clown_face:


Is there any alternative to Halloween? I’d be down for that. Whatever it is.


how is mine?


Mexico has its “day of the dead” around the same time. It’s more memorial in nature than Halloween, but idk what you’d use to celebrate it.


Isint he in Brazil


well, yeah. but he asked for “any alternative to halloween” and to be honest it’s the only one I’ve ever heard of.


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There’s an old pre Christianity Lithuanian holiday where they would dress like trees and play games in the forest. I think they were still doing it like 700 years untill the Lithuania crusades

There are a lot of similar holidays and the like in old slavic europe

And like said @Xaklor day of the dead. They havw days of the dead all over the world Asia europe Africa if you don’t want the Mexican one


put a hat on or don’t



Boo! Quite literally the fastest thing thrown together, being the bedsheet ghost, or in this case just over the helmet. Happy early Halloween everyone!