Forum Halloween


Ive noticed a lotta people changing their profile pics for Halloween, such as @Shatter

I did my best… lmfao im so bad


There’s me. I have this overshaded mess. I don’t feel like making a new one. That’s what happens when you use profile pics made a year ago.


I am now, SpookPaden


To be left to rot only to watch yourself be dismembered is a scary thought.


Can I get a request for sp00ky socks (black and orange recolour)? Sorta swamped with midterms right now :sweat_smile:



Ok, I’m sold.


Can someone hmu with a spooky great shark pet?



Fancy, decided to be a wizard tho, it more halloweeny


I joined


Only one person is spooker that spooky boi


Spooky Mumy


My avatar doesn’t need changing for the Halloween.
From now on please call me Smily.




That was all I could think of


Niceee editing!


Reminds me of the Iron Boots from TLOZ: Wind Waker or the N64 Zeldas. Lol.


KKK necro LOL xD


No, it’s ghost necro. and seriously that’s what you think of when you see a ghost??


Zombie warrior :ghost: :zombie:


Look at spooky friend