Forum Halloween


What have you done…


Oh shit, um…


is this profile pic ok?


I made my spooky mystic that took 5 seconds to make lol


nailed it


these wholesome threads are what keep me on realm forums FeelsGoodMan


Fear me, mortals, I’m now ZeTimmortal


Bahaha I didn’t even think of using the skeleton boots, thanks!

edit: they sorta lose the pizazz though - don’t you think? Oh well, it’s the spooky season! Will do this for christmas too


Yeah dont stand out as much as the rainbows :frowning: id recolor but Im swamped with work and other shit


He hasn’t been able to get his account back?!?

  • No Jugg
  • No Oreo
  • Nothing




And now you’ve reminded me of the BattleBlock Theatre speedrun at AGDQ.

I both hate you and love you atm.


BattleBlock theatre is amaze


new pet new me


You used to be a void…

Does it really count as a new you?

Or does it mean you exist now



Changed mine to a jet dragon I drew in art class :stuck_out_tongue:
It has a witch hat


I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I just looked things up on Google Image.

Previous avatar was one of the ones that came up by googling Yog-Sothoth, but it didn’t really work because the image was too small so I tried to find a simpler one.

This avatar is one of the ones that came up by googling Jason Vorhees.


Since your old avatar was Adam West’s Batman, I would have figured you’d go with Cesar Romero’s Joker.


That was just a one-off joke from an old thread. After a while it stopped being funny.

After Halloween I’ll probably try to find something completely unrelated again.