Forum Halloween


i got this oryx in a pumpking lol


Just changed it now, looks good!
Thanks piggby


SirSpud has become Spooky Spud!


I don’t think so…


offtopic but <3 terraria

(almost as much hours as realm :o)


Terraria hours - 149
Realm hours - Over 2000

Probably better at terraria than realm tbh


I have 890 - terraria
other is 1460 - realm


Aw there’s no terraria thread on these forums




We are going a bit there lol, but if someone was to make a thread it would go in #off-topic


Should i make one


Eh, Ill do it now actually (going really off track on this topic lol)


Ok let’s get this back on topic then,
So ummm what do I do, I’m already a halloween like thing


You do nothing xD


Alright, show’s over. Until next year!


Ah finally I can use my normal pfp again


I switched back and now my pfp looks weird. Is that normal? eh, I’ll get used to it again :smile:


Should I keep mine as the jet dragon? Or go back to the old steam lunar sale one?


Thanksgiving in an underappreciated holiday, seriously, Christmas commercials are already airing, there’s no love for the Turkeys, therefore, behold the November Sturky.

And yes I’m very aware that this is a Halloween thread, too lazy to make a November thread though.


because its an american only holiday is why its not as big