Forum Halloween


Canada has it too, though theirs is in October.


i have also changed my profile for this forgotten holiday :3


Never knew that but who would care about Canada (jk my canadian comrades)

I read up on it and its celebrated in a different context then the united states celebrates but I believe the idea though of giving thanks is universal and anyone could relate to it

So i would still change my profile picture for the fun of celebrating it

I’m sure you already have yours laid out


rebel forever
also yesterday was my birthday


Happy late birthday! :gift:


Replace thanksgiving with birthday ;D


Sturky is now a turky


happy belated birthday!


It’s not me tho
It’s Laserquest
(My birthday is in April lel xd)


oh woops, didn’t see the quote by laserthread lol.
Redirect that happy bday to @laserquest


@sirspud @candyshi thanks


happy birthday comrade


I shall forever remain a Big Boi.

Now then, time to get ready to chow down on cranberry sauce…

… anyone have a preference for me on a brand of cranberry sauce?


just dont get any
its nasty


Make it yourself, it doesn’t take too long and tastes way better


It’s an American holiday…


Every time I make something, (like a PPE for example) I fuck it up.

Should I ask my local amish market to make me some?


Yes very good idea


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