Forumer appreciation thread


Here’s some free positivity! We haven’t been the happiest of forums lately, so I made this long overdue appreciation post to give y’all some love for what you do.

@Shatter @Nevov @OtherBill - Best mods/leaders of any site and community I know, keep the good work going :heart:

@Redox - Best forum friend, always have nice chats with you and made me feel better when I felt really down :heart:

@Campfires - Nicest forumer I know, stays positive and friendly all the time, thank you for being ‘the sunshine in this little corner of the internet’ :heart:

@Seelpit One of my favourite forumers, makes quality posts, is very nice and fun to chat with :heart:

@SoloSen - Cool art, great comic and good friend :heart:

@GammaGamer Lots of interesting ideas, always fun to consider them being in game, keep them coming :heart:

@Xaklor and @Toastrz Realmafia is great and very enjoyable - thank you both for putting in the effort to make it happen :heart:

@ JohnMH Nice sprites and ideas :heart:

@ KiIuA Good at the game, very cool :heart:

@ Niegil (ty for spoilers)
@ Scorchmist
@ Unicorn (very cool)
@ Laserquest
@ RMGnoob (Mature guy who’s posts I like to read)
@ CandyShi (lucky boi)
@ StarWarTwo
some of the original (i think?) forum dwellers, always interesting to read your posts and a pleasure to have you guys around :heart:

@ Four 4th place is best place :heart: Four real though very cool forumer

@ GGaodzilla sometimes a bit… ahem weird but still good to have around :heart:

All regs - thanks so much for being active members who partake a lot in discussions, you add a lot to the forums and you’re all awesome :heart:

All forumers who did giveaways - thank you for giving back to the community :heart:

Everyone who arranged events or games - thank you for making the forums that bit more lively :heart:

And everyone else - thank you, everyone, for keeping this community alive and kicking. Being a part of this forum makes me happy, and it’s an honour to have met you all. :heart: :smile: :heart:

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Windows hdd appreciation thread
Snippey love
Snippey love

rip when you are one of two people that dont have anything to say about.

okay lets go

@Unicorn for talking to me about school when im taking a break from school. and for being a my uniqueer.

@RMGnoob couldnt live without this old frenchy 8/8 keyboard warrior.

@all mods and +shatter and +nevov for moderating and giving intellectual topics that i dont read since its so long, but none the less.

@Redox for doing me sprites that i havent uploaded the ideas of yet :man_shrugging:

@ArexRew for chilling with me in aus or uss when im bored.

@ willhuff and @ jam for constantly arguing for ickabod (this is why i would never be a mod)

@CandyShi for being candyshi

@niegil for being niegil.

@glawi for being my only friend that still plays ish from pre 2016.

And a bunch of other people. I just went down the reg list. its a sad list with only 54 people

here lets write somepeople i miss a lot:

efnui, proasd, jaws, shurima (despite him coming back), zquid (despie being in my guild discord), shax (despite seeing her again recently), tybug,


Thanks to all the mods who are winning the war against @Mrbert and his ongoing war.


Alright cool I put
@StarliAS big fan of your work bro
@ArkRumierA ur super inspirational
@Unselfish woah big fan


aw im always happy to chill w u c:

@Fluffegan for being a cool guy and good friend
@InfamousX for always being funny
@GRIMTAN for being the best, even if I haven’t seen you in ages
@Ggaodzilla for being ggaod
@Wilhuff for putting up with my shit
@Orsome @Campfires for being the happy little gremlins that make this place so cool.
thats it for now, might think of some other friends!


I appreciate everyone who keeps the forums and game alive. I especially appreciate all those who spend time thinking of new ideas and spriting them. I also appreciate how positive/constructive the feedback from the community is. I read through those threads, but I generally don’t post because, well, I can’t sprite for s***.
Something else I appreciate is that when a new player or someone who took a long break asks about something, it is very nice how the community answers it, making the forums seem to be a welcoming place to new players.


@GGaodzilla Bffs :dancing_women:.
@Wilhuff always love your response when someone ultimately stalks you.
@Commy You were a pretty dang good Founder and wish the guild didn’t go to hell.:slightly_smiling_face:
@EveryoneElseThatICantRemember You are great! :sunglasses:
(I’ll make a new post for people that I see and remember.)


In appreciation to the rest of you, who wants to see me beat ggaodzilla irl.


For all these years, I believe this is the thread that we’ve all been waiting for. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is now my turn to share my gratitude and appreciation to the Forumers. Below are just some of the Forumers that I’ve seen most often. If you are not on the list, I apologize.

@Shatter @Nevov @OtherBill - You guys set a good example out for the rest of us. Thank you for being the amazing mods you are, and please keep it up!

@Moshy - Haven’t seen you much, but first comment on my first topic lol

@Redox - Cool guy that makes sexy sprites and gave me useful spriting tips. TYSM

@Campfires - Really nice and friendly. Always there when things get up, always there when things get down.

@Leohe - Made pretty all of my ideas to the point where it is now. Would have never gotten this far without you, so thank you for all of your feedback.

@GGaodzilla - Good feedback and cool to have around.

@Ecookied - Friendly and cool. We used to stalk each other in-game. XD

@Seelpit - Mastermind of wicked cool ideas that would be awesome to have in-game.


10 mention limit? Why is there a limit for kindness?

@SoloSen - Impressive skills in art. Love your creativity, keep it up!

@JohnMH - That classic guy that makes amazing sprites and thinks up really cool ideas.

@Scorchmist - One of the Forumers I knew longest. Great feedback and analyzing on my ideas, so thank you!

@CrystalPX - Creative pixel artist with a bright attitude. Constructive feedback and tips. TY

@Striix - General cool guy. Great ideas, great feedback.

@AKLDragon - Thank you for making this Forum a fun place! Forum Game Expert and…Just what his description says.

@FoxBox - You like Assassin. Need I say more?

@Bulwqeajli - Your good feedback improve my ideas, and you’re occasional humor raise my spirits when I’m feeling down.

@Fluffegan - I love your positive attitude that sticks with you every day when you’re on the Forums. It improves my feelings, which is something special to me.

@EpicNecros - Just hilarious. I will forever remember you from the Urgle God post.


And finally @Orsome, savior of ducks and a good-natured fellow. Thank you for creating this thread and spreading kindness through this Forum.

Each act of kindness we do can end up with amazing results. Think about a small pebble that gets thrown into a lake. The pebble may be small, but the ripples it makes, the kindness that gets spread, are large.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


Who needs a jacket to keep warm when you’ve got gamma?


That’s some fucked up shit right there


To everyone who makes the forums a community!


@Tauntauned @Sturky You guys are my absolute best friends and I love you both for sticking around for me, I’ll always do the same for you too

@Campfires You deserve an honorable mention, you’ve always been nice to me since I joined and always like a majority of my posts too

@Shatter You got me interested in a couple bands and genres of music I didn’t know, and it was nice talking to you when I felt sad some early college nights


@ThatsMyJam @DivineOryx @Orsome @Literature @Redox @Panytnaa @EpicNecros You are all fun and pleasant to talk to, and generally all very interesting people, a couple are amazing pixel artists


@GGaodzilla @Ludfru @BLUbeans @CandyShi @HorusKane I enjoy your presences a lot and I think back on the funner days of :b:each Zone sometimes, you made it feel like a community

@Toastrz For appreciating my artwork and creating RM

@Xaklor @WunderWafe Encouraging me to eat more often, being good artists and spriters as well as well as good comrades on RM


@RMGnoob @Wilhuff @Scorchmist I look up to you three and I wouldn’t mind taking an example from your books, you have a lot of my respect after certain events occurred

@Book You’re kind of strange at times and I didn’t understand or like you at first but now we good

(@ everyone else I did not mention who has supported me before and all of the above)

I also thank you for supporting me when times got rough at home, when I finally get out of here one day I’m definitely sharing the news


@everyone you’re pretty cool

Alright, time to throw out some mentions:
Here, in no particular order:

@ArexRew, for taking the time to learn and remember the ways of the formatting

@Xaklor, for being a fun host and being in a good place to live

@Idragonet for being a fast forum gamer for a while, we’d go back and forth on 3 forum games at once for 50 posts each

@Infamousx for talking to me in-game and playing with me

@Diamondest for having fun together with ppes and that server

@OtherBill for sneaky edits that make me laugh [What, like this one? OB], and cool math stuff

@CandyShi for being a lucky person and a fun fellow maf last round

@SoloSen for opening up and being an amazing person despite his circumstances, and good art

@Scorchmist for being a fun all-around forumer right from the beginning and knowing stuff


@Seelpit for likes and good posts in various places, fun sense of humor

@Glawi your likes are legendary

@Shatter for being the ascended regular forumer and good serious posts, and your helpdesk

@Nevov for always knowing where stuff goes

@RMGNoob for putting thought into his posts

@Nameness for doing the discobot roleplays

@GGaodzilla for not actually being that bad, fun to have around imo

@Toastrz for starting realmafia and having some cool ideas