Forumer appreciation thread


@OtherBill for being our forum daddy OwO

@SoloSen for being cool as heck

@GGaodzilla for being horny boi

@JohnMH for having pretty cool ideas and helping other people with theirs

@ pretty much every other active forum user, you’re all pretty cool to hang out with and there are too many of you to mention.


@bookbookbo and @uniqueoryx


One of these days we’ll complete a game cycle without internal breakage


is that barry b. benson


heteraabd never heard of him


I’ll turn this to more of a general Rotmg player appreciation response.

@TacoTamer A sincere thank you for being the friendliest Rotmg mentor I’ve ever had. You invited me to my first real guild and it was an unforgettable experience. Obsequious Ducks forever!

@OpticFiber You tha real OG, man. We played together for about a year, without being in the same guild, being absolute noobs farming sprites and abysses. It makes me really sad to see you don’t play anymore and don’t respond to my RealmEye PMs, but I’m thankful for the time we played together.

@BubsyKing You actually just played Minecraft. GTA5 Minecraft, to be specific. But I still remember, and I still hope to see you on some random internet site someday.

@Scorchmist Thank you for making my genesis onto the forums a pleasant one. I remember you responding consistently to my posts and establishing a great connection.

@Redox I consider us friends, and that’s fairly rare for me to say to other people on the internet. You are legitimately one of the nicest people on here I’ve ever met. Always positive and never hesitating to attempt to help. I really appreciate you.

@EpicNecros Just a genuinely fun guy to interact with, and one I will remember fondly.

@SoloSen We had a couple disagreements but it’s great to feel like we’ve gotten over that and it makes me happy to interact with you :)))

@JohnMH For helping me to see reason, keeping me in check, and expanding my horizons. Thank you.

@Niegil haha gay

And to everyone else who reached out to me and supported me when I was going through some really rough patches, I really, really appreciate you guys.



Unrequited appreciation and inspiration.


@Toastrz For hosting the first few Realmafia games

@Xaklor For hosting some of the more recent games(even though I didn’t get in and he doesn’t like me that much :stuck_out_tongue:)

@Niegil For the leaks

And a bunch of other people that I can’t remember


In all seriousness, some forumers that I would like to commend, in no particular order

@OtherBill for being an actually competent forum mod
@Nevov @Shatter for doing their duties and not overstepping their boundaries as Forum “janitors”
@Candyshi for being a living meme

Obligatory “@Niegil is gay” post here

@Toastrz and @Xaklor for their work on new content/Realmafia
@Campfires and @Glawi for their overall attitude
@Wilhuff for being a star wars meme generatorYou may fire when ready


@RMGnoob and @Mynamerr for disagreeing with me and other forumers
[Edit: this particular line wasn’t called for. OB]
Very well-I will refrain from doing this in the future
@SoloSen for being nice even through tough times

Credit is due where it is due(Brought to you by the dumbass that told his classmate “You’ll find it when you see it”)
@JohnMH for being a living legend and completing rotmg on puffin
@Scorchmist for being a living meme
[Insert most of the regulars here]
@AKLDragon (sorry mate brain is kinda fried, will edit later)
@Pfiffel for making that sweet DPS calc (He is technically a forumer)


how is the thread depressing, but just to make you happy I will include you in it.
I would like to thank @Ickabod for being Icka and bod. thanks ickabod! :smile:


guess appreciating forumers is depressing, folks



Honorable mention to you for the different skins you made.
Especially the Jevil one I helped animate ;3


Ickabod, for making lots of cool skins :heart:


I endorse pretty much everything that has been said here, and will add @Leohe to the list of coolkids. Him and I have had one or two discussions on various Realm topics, he has an interesting point of view and it was always fun talking to him.


pichat who left all these chopped onions here

also @peopleilike :sovietheart:


wait but didn’t i make the jevil one

yeah that was me wtf seelpit


My memory is annoying okay >:c


I chopped those onions, for the chebureki


@ Bilgewater
@ Candyshi(PikaPlayMC)
@ Ggaodzilla
@ Redeadgods
@ Archivic
@ Ludfru
@ Solars
@ Kageboshi
@ Solosen
@ HorusKane
@ Rex
@ Awdreg
@ Diamondest
@ Antler
@ Nahtanamar
@ Ianyoun
@ Spearguy
@ Matjr
@ Leohe
@ Furyborn
@ Trodaire

The list goes on and on…
Thanks for being great guildmates and forumers!