Forumer appreciation thread


Ok I ask Shatter to change the gamemode to “creative” so everyone can get along :slight_smile:


Or…he could change me to Creative, and me only…



Random appreciation of @Heteraabd for going through the greatest redemption arc and being the best forumer


@Textbook for her work on the RE wiki. Thank you for your contributions to this community.


no comment




too soon


Actual appreciation of @Xaklor, @PhantomMod, @Craftable, @Squeakwee, @Campfires, and the other artists of the forum for keeping the fan art here going. It’s always a joy to come online and see a new post from you guys in your respective art threads/comic threads. Thanks for entertaining us all, and keep it up! :heart:
honourable mention of @YesButNo for doing a few teaser pictures for The Realm.


…Do I get a honourable mention for creating cursed sprites?


@Seelpit - for keeping my thread alive :heart:


@Seelpit for being epic


doesn’t get tagged for writing 20ish stories and running a comic thread


Im sorry there is no proof yet that you made it Jk I know you made it @Wilhuff


I didn’t even know this specific thread existed until 5 minutes ago, AAAaaaaaaaaa But yes! I love the fan-art community here, my heart goes out to the other active folks and artists of this community for all the content you’ve provided!

And now, I shall sit in the corner over there as my heart melts into goo from flattery~ Moddy_-w-%20small

Seriously though, thanks for the appreciation, I really love positive comments like these, it’s what fuels me to continue on~ ^-^


This is so gonna get flagged, isn’t it?


smh i can’t push that to 10 hearts cuz i ran out of likes




I got it
edit nvm its already at 10 now 11


have not seen you use the forums much, but you deserve recognition.
In a shatts chain, he was left behind from the lava walk and rushed, but was blocked when the platform at 3rd closed off. RL asked a priest to help him across, which I did.
The next run, I was at the back of the lava walk, ran out of mana, didnt realize, and died.
Costmegold asked if I wanted any pots, and he gave me a generous amount of att and def.
Thank you to @Costmegold for helpng me rebuild <3