Forumer appreciation thread


I thought this thread was going to die lol


Well then, obligatory @Wilhuff appreciation for keeping the thread going.


@wilhuff thank you for the reason orsome stated


@wilhuff thanks for mentioning me and organizing the epic comic known as the realm. I’ll try to finish it on schedule


Thank You @Wilhuff, very cool!


@Wilhuff thanks for keeping the thread alive.
And thanks for always stalking me through chat.


Awww shucks, thank you @Wilhuff ~

While I’m here, I’d like to thank all the other artists for keeping the Fan-Art category of the forums strong! I don’t wanna name cuz I fear I’ll accidentally miss someone’s name out, but I think you all know who you are~ Thank you too, to those who come into our art/comic threads and leave a like or comment, it really pushes us on~ :>



(this is definitely not an excuse to ping all 7 of them again by quoting)


- scrolls through #community-hub:art -

from the top:

and that’s everyone who has a thread that did something in 2020, anyone not mentioned either doesn’t have their own thread or it hasn’t had anything said on it since Jan 1st 2020.

*not pinging Wilhuff because a) he’s been pinged a dozen times already and b) he hasn’t actually drawn anything himself despite having a “comic”, you other guys are doing the drawing part


Ah yes

Sorry I couldn’t resist making the joke xD But thanks fam!


cheers to our necrobumpers saving threads from autolock


@XBookwyrmX always has cool viewpoints :>
@PRCSakura for being different from everyone
@Raremeat for being very dedicated to gladiator
@Ludwiga for shitposts
@Demonseye for meming
@Triforcej for shitposts and memes and solidarity in dying too much
@Seelpit for making un cursed sprites and XML knowledge
@Unicorn for being og uni fanboy and madlad soloes


You guys keep thrusting new threads at me that I suddenly have read through… O.o

@Twitchystr Why are my viewpoints cool compared to anyone else’s? ^w^


Ah yes. Wait what

I’d like to thank @moderators for keeping this awesome forum clean for many years ! Have a cake :cake:


Hmm, hard to say. It’s a bit your willingness to learn and accept your wrongs and taking things in good humour in general without seeming fake, a bit you still retaining a “new player vibe” without being new, a bit how you seem to put a lot of thought into your posts d:


Love you all for who you are and just for being here.



Thats a good thing, right?



A fight to death, we will have


Haven’t interacted with you enough to “appreciate” you without it being weird…


that doesn’t make any sense, but ok