Forumer appreciation thread


Haven’t been active enough for many meaningful interactions these days, but I want to thank people in this community for helping to keep the toxicity that clings to Rotmg down, at least within these forums.


A beer to all our forumers:

A pint for those who’ve been here before Exalt
A liter for those who’ve been around since the Kabam forums
The whole keg for anyone still here from the Wildshadow forums

A dying format over Reddit/Discord, but we’ll be drunk until the ship is sunk.


takes a sip of water


Oh my goodness, I just realized that I hit my 100 day threshold since the “formal” creation of my account on this forum! I still feel like a complete and utter noob to these kind of social media things, but many of you have made me feel genuinely welcome, even though it’s been a mere few months.

I’ve managed to read over 40.2k posts on here, and who knows how many I’d read before I was being tracked! I even remember the Kabam forums (I’m not OG enough for the WS ones though lol ): ) I’ve said it somewhere before, but I’m never using any of that old information on the forums against anyone. I merely love collecting data and watching how you all have grown and developed over the years, including those who are no longer amongst us.

I really should @ everyone for their time contributing to the forums, but I’ll call a few of you out:

@Tauntauned, although this may seem out of the blue, you’re one of the few remaining active forumers that I’ve highly enjoyed reading from in old posts, for many reasons! You remind me almost painfully of my homeland and someone I was friends with there, comrade (:

@RareMeat, for all that hard work with your Gladiator game I was hyped to join and for dealing with my occasional stupidity

@LudwiGa, for developing a sort of feisty friendship with me

@Orsome and @CandyShi, for having those hilarious animal personas that make me smile when paired with your comments

@moderators, both current and departed for weeding out a fair amount the @ Stupidity nonsense on these forums, keeping them organized, and your various quirky senses of humor in many kinds of flavors

And though I hate to cut this off early, last and probably my most influential:

@Puffagod, because without your works and personality, I’d have probably vanished long ago from the forums without having even left a trace. The game itself much more pleasurable in my eyes with what it could be, even if it never will become so. It has truly been an honor for me to interact with you, and… as gushy as it might seem, I remember wishing that I could speak with you since my Sophomore year with your “The Beyond” (I know you despise that one now XD), but being far too shy to expose myself by making my presence known to the internet. And now I finally have, these years later.

There are others like @Twitchystr for their personality and @Sataru for the dedicated art (<3) that I’d love to mention more about, but I don’t remember how many @‘s I have, hence the cheap @ everyone… for now :frowning:

As a bonus, I thought it would be fun to see what my current most liked comments were. Likes have always been of trivial nature for me, but I was curious to see how everything stacked up based on what you guys appreciated!

I’m not sure how to feel about these now that I’ve checked lol:

Most of these are cringe worthy jokes and out of context, but thanks anyway, guys! I hope to remain on these forums for a long time, perhaps until the day that Realm runs out of steam and draws its last, wavering breath. My final thanks to you all, and please don’t suffocate from the amount of :cheese: that’s likely oozing from this post, albeit not intended!


How do I not have a hilarious animal persona


you are not animal



you aren’t cooked every two seconds, that’s why

anyway i wanna do a quick cheap @ everyone appreciation for somehow keeping this thread going :slight_smile:


Ah, classic Lud. The reason being: there’s a lot of people with animal pfp’s, including some humanoid animals, but I’m very familiar with ducks and Pikachus. I have less experience with your pfp, Lud :slightly_smiling_face:
Besides, I’ve come to know you better in other ways, whereas I haven’t spoken nearly as much to Orsome and likewise only a little with Candyshi.


So we are best friends?


time to spam with realmeye pms :triumph:

im joking dont worry


That’s unbelievably kind of you! And of course, it has been an immense pleasure to talk! C:

For my part, other than all the lovely people who’ve glanced at my ideas over the years, from the WS forums onwards (and who are far too numerous to ping!), I would like to say @Dappertron… thank you for being my greatest inspiration in this community, as reclusive as I have been! Your charming sprites and ideas are still as fresh in my mind as ever. It brought me such joy to see some in-game! :slight_smile:

Many honest thanks are due to you all. May your times here be smooth and merry! :beers:


:green_heart: :+1: :peace_symbol:


For as long as I’ve been kind of absent from the community for a while, it warms the heart to think that someone like Puffagod would still put me on such a pedestal. Definitely appreciate you and all of the mind-blowing effort you’ve put into your own projects!

@Toastrz and @Atrapper have been my longest Realm-comrades, and it was terrific to work alongside you both while I was still active in UGC.

@Ickabod, whose competition for the Flesh Collector sprite helped to make it as good as it could be, as well as general rapport.

@beige, assuming this is UGC’s Beige, for his constant amazing work being such an inspiration.

@Mirrorminx: also assuming this is the right person (and they haven’t been on for a while), but you were the first person to really delve into Dapper Ideas and give it proper critique and I always remembered that for some reason.

UGC in general was great, and I appreciate you dirty lot a bunch.


I like your posts, and you as a person too :3


Right back at both of you guys! I’m still kinda sad that the design document we wanted to work on never came to fruition, but hey, that’s life. You and Toast are both fantastic at what you guys do and are just overall great people. I really enjoyed working with you in UGC and still really enjoy working with Toast.


Not that there aren’t a bunch more I appreciate around here (including dudes like @RDTWOO, @Twitchystr, @NyanGamer, @XBookwyrmX, just quickly off the top of my head) and all the other regulars, but where you been @Nevov when we’ve needed you through all the recent turmoil? XD

Really though @Nevov I’ve missed your well written posts and interesting takes on matters. Hope all is well :slight_smile:


Huh, weird feeling getting pinged here haha





Understandable, for sure. I really do miss his insightful posts, but I’m sure he is doing better things.


Thanks for the shoutout @Shatov! I remember being inspired by your videos (and Musty’s) waaaaaaay back in the day :smiley: