Frame Freezing?


Well I was casually doing an abbyss on my 5/8 knight when all of the sudden my frame froze. I could hear my character getting hurt so I decided to X out the program. I couldn’t X it out at the top so it took me twice as long.
I went back in and saw an empty character slot. I looked in my graveyard and I saw this

This had happened twice before, both in a dungeon. I thought it was just the internet at my hotel. When I got home I starting playing again thinking the “frame pausing” was behind me. I went into an abbyss and died with my Dblade, my only white. I was playing on chrome. I Don’t want this to happen to others so I wanted to notify people that this could happen. Idk if its chrome or the website. Hope This problem can be fixed sometime soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird paralyze-like bug

Chrome is your problem. Play on Flash



He is playing on Chrome, so this wouldnt work?



First play on flash then use that thread :stuck_out_tongue:


This has been happening to me on flash a lot lol
Ty @Shatter for dat link <3


You would jut have to replace flashplayer_??_sa.exe with whatever process his chrome is running under, but thats to much effort for a bad result.

XHippobroX just get flash.


Or you could play on firefox!


That’s the same thing that happened to my trickster. I entered a sprite world portal I heard my character dying, I seen it loading sprite world, I “x” out the tab and go back on my trickster was dead D:


I have the task manager pinned so I can always just open it up and force close steam/flash/browser. It’s convenient.


Firefox has some issues with input lag, especially when multiple inputs are being pressed (eg W, A, rotate - shooting is delayed, and letting go of the keys is also delayed)


Flash is so laggy for me for no apparent reason, and yes I’m on the 18


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