Friend forgot RealmEye Password; MrEyeball?


When instructed to reset his password, he was told that he needs to send mreyeball a “password” message. When he goes to send it, it says “Mreyeball not found”.

So is mreyeball down or gone? Its gone, how do you change your password?


did your friend do this? “/tell mreyeball password”(I haven’t tried it yet. maybe later). if so, then idk what to tell you.
one thing I do know is that the realmeye main site is broken.

others may answer, but it’ll probably be similar what to I say here.
so yeah, I can’t help you there, for I’m just a random stranger on the internet.


Mr Eyeball goes down every once and a while. Just try again every couple hours and you should be able to find him!


He said in the post mreyeball was not found, so yes he told mreyeball password


Furyborn would be correct. Mreyeball has gone down several times (for maintenance, I presume?) in the past at least since the launch of Unity, and isn’t altogether gone. Just check in periodically to see when he comes back online!


MrEyeball chillin’ Eunorth2


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